EON Platform
Cloud-based Operational Excellence Software

What's the EON Platform?

The EON platform was designed to manage all aspects of an operational excellence implementation. With it OpEx teams can deploy strategic objectives, conduct project portfolio and lifecycle management, implement standard business processes, measure performance and track improvement.EON Software Home Screen

The EON platform is also the repository for the EON playbooks and a vehicle for managing the relationship with your Client Success team.


The Problem with Current State

Many operational excellence teams try unsuccessfully to manage OpEx using a variety of readily available desktop or web-based tools, none of which were designed for the work they do every day. 

This phenomenon leads to an increase in non-value work - building folder libraries, customizing spreadsheets, merging data, tracking document changes, building reports, etc. - and a resulting decrease in team productivity and effectiveness.  Additionally, these tools make it hard for OpEx teams to succinctly explain what they're doing and how it's delivering value, which creates a persistent need to justify OpEx's role in the business.

Improving OpEx Effectiveness

Continuous Improvement Software Enterprise Reports

With the EON platform you can manage all of the major work processes associated with operational excellence, including strategy deployment, project management and business process improvement.

Clients use the EON platform in a number of ways:

  • Create strategic objectives for the Opex function and the rest of the business
  • Identify and evaluate improvement initiatives
  • Track financial impact & ROI
  • Measure performance against key performance indicators at all level of the business
  • Assess the performance of the OpEx function
  • Conduct Lean/continuous improvement maturity assessments in the business
  • Create and manage detailed action plans
  • Find and share knowledge and best practices
Business Strategy Software for Continuous Improvement

There's no doubt that the EON platform will improve the productivity and effectiveness of OpEx teams and accelerate both the pace of implementation and the resulting benefit to the organization.  It's time to move away from spreadsheets and document management tools with the EON platform

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