EON Services

A true "force multiplier" for Operational Excellence teams

A Wealth of Expertise At Your Disposal

EON's ecosystem of experts is strategically employed to help our clients address their unique OpEx challenges and needs, including:


  • A Dedicated Client Success Team trained in OpEx concepts, tools, and methods with expertise in client relationship management to provide world-class service and support across the entire client lifecycle.
  • 'In House' Subject Matter Experts (more than two dozen) who are well-established leaders from multiple industries. Some job roles include VPs of Operations, OpEx Program Managers, Change Leadership Coaches, Centers of Excellence Leaders, Supply Chain Managers, and Plant Managers.
  • A Client Network of companies at various stages of OpEx maturity. Industries represented include food & beverage, chemicals, medical device, healthcare, distribution, state government, and others.

End to End Relationship Management

Your Client Success Team provides support across a range of activities from configuring the EON platform and creating user accounts to highly customized onsite support based on your specific needs, and more.

From the first onboarding call through service plan implementation and beyond, we support our clients every step of the way.

A Year in the Life of A Typical EON Client

EON clients receive support from the best in the industry. Here is what your first year as a client would look like from a high level:

Stage 1: Onboarding to EON, configuration of the EON platform, and the development of your service plan.

Stage 2: Assessment of OpEx maturity and development of a joint action plan to improve (incorporated into the service plan).

Stage 3: Onsite and virtual support to improve team capability and accelerate enterprise adoption.

Stage 4: Reassessment of OpEx maturity and year 2 service plan development.

Deploy & Train Users

Using the service plan as a guide, the Client Success Team will help to initiate the adoption of the EON platform.

Activities may include messaging to your user base, scheduling and performing user training, and coaching users on how to best utilize EON.

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