Fully developed and highly configurable implementation models.

What are Playbooks?

Playbooks are fully developed models that OpEx leaders and teams use to better manage their work and deliver important concepts, methods, and tools to the rest of the organization. Each playbook consists of a series of implementation toolkits that serve as a "one-stop shop" for a particular OpEx-related topic.

Each toolkit contains (a) simple self-assessment questions, (b) easy-to-read and highly practical descriptions, and (c) tools, templates, training, and other great resources related to the topic.

EON has dozens of ready-made playbooks and toolkits, including (but not limited to):

  • Leadership effectiveness: strategy setting, performance management, situational leadership, organizational change management.
  • Lean fundamentals: standard work, value stream mapping, 5S, Visual management, structured problem solving, etc.
  • ISO 9001 Implementation:  All ISO 9001-2015 Standards.
  • 7 Flows of Healthcare: Patient flow, information flow, medication flow, staff flow, equipment flow, etc.
  • Safe Quality Food Institute: E8 Manufacturing Modules 2 & 11

How can Playbooks help your organization?

For OpEx teams, EON has playbooks specifically designed to improve team productivity, performance, and impact on the organization. 

These include our Advancing OpEx and Deploying OpEx Playbooks, which contains dozens of toolkits and hundreds of tools, templates, and other helpful resources.

For the organization, EON's playbooks and toolkits are used to provide the business with much needed practical guidance for how to implement critical OpEx concepts, methods, and tools while working side-by-side with the OpEx team.

A Playbook designed for broad-based OpEx deployments

The Deploying OpEx playbook, designed alongside our business partner, Sustainable Performance Group, provides actionable guidance and tools for any organization that is looking to deploy a broad-based operational excellence effort with impact and sustainability.

Have your own models? We'll create custom playbooks just for you!

Our experts will take your content, assessments, and bet practices and build your own playbook to help you scale your improvment efforts faster.

Giving OpEx teams the resources they need...

Implementing OpEx Playbook

The Implementing OpEx Playbook is specifically designed for organizations that are implementing OpEx at the work team level and want easy access to instructional content, tools, and resources to accelerate accelerate adoption.

Seven Flows of Healthcare Playbook

From Emergency Department Throughput to Medication Management, this playbook provides the guidance, resources, and tools your healthcare organization needs to start the journey towards operational excellence.

ISO 9001-2015 Implementation Playbook

A framework to help organizations meet the needs of customers and stakeholders while implementing the statutory requirements associated with ISO 9001-2015.

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