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What is

More Than Just Another SaaS Platform

We partner with our customers to make their Operational Excellence teams more capable and productive so they can manage OpEx with purpose. Using a combination of the EON platform, our team of implementation experts, and our pre-written and customizable playbooks, we ensure your company has what it needs to achieve and exceed its goals.

Our Platform

Our platform is centered around 4 key processes designed to help our customers manage OpEx in the most effective manner possible. Through hundreds of iterations and feedback from our clients, we've refined our platform to focus on what matters most.


Align OpEx to the Business through Strategies


Implement Improvements through Projects


Develop Capabilities through Playbooks


Measure Performance through KPI’s


Our Services

EON's client success team consists of experienced OpEx professionals who are dedicated to supporting you and coaching your team to achieve your OpEx goals. We have designed a comprehensive engagement strategy that we custom tailor to each client’s specific needs and objectives. This approach (which is fully included in every package we offer):

  • Helps your company deploy, implement, and scale it’s OpEx function
  • Generates value quickly, sustains it, and maximizes ROI.
  • Directly connects your team to a network of OpEx subject matter experts, and other OpEx professionals within our customer network.

We help you and your team achieve a clear sense of direction, a strong connection to the business, and access to the proper support, tools, and resources. EON’s services and support model is specifically designed to make OpEx teams more productive and effective.

Our Playbooks

We provide pre-written process docs for fundamental industry operations, which we call *playbooks.* These playbooks have been created and refined by industry experts to concisely deliver the valuable information your business needs to implement an impactful and sustainable OpEx approach.

Each playbook is highly customizable as well, so companies that have developed their own operational excellence model can easily integrate with our robust set of tools, templates, and resources to create an even better approach for their business. All of our playbooks are organized and easily accessible through the EON platform, so your team can stop wasting time reinventing the wheel and spend more time adding value to the business.



"Savings of $1.3M in only 3 months."

"By using EON, we were able to drive critical accountability that resulted in a savings of $1.3M in only 3 months."

Brian Lundquist,
COO, Milk Specialties Global

"Before EON, there was not a consistent way to communicate initiatives and manage expectations..."

"We sometimes have a lack of clarity in strategy deployment across the company, leading to misaligned expectations within our operations. Before EON, there was not a consistent way to communicate initiatives and manage expectations."

Jordan Lubenstein,
Director of Quality and
OPEX, US Factories

"As compared to trying to find the same information in various spreadsheets..."

"EON is a one-stop shop for storing our key strategic information as compared to trying to find the same information in various spreadsheets, Powerpoints and Sharepoint sites.

Barry Keller,
VP of Operational Excellence
at Chr. Hansen
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