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Frequently asked questions about EON

What value does EON add to my enterprise?

The entire EON solution - platform, playbooks, and services - is designed to make operational excellence teams more effective and accelerate the adoption of OpEx within the organization. EON's value proposition can generally be placed into one of two categories; (1) improved OpEx team capability and productivity and (2) better performance through faster adoption of OpEx.  We strive to achieve a 5:1 return on investment for our clients.

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Who uses EON?

EON is used by organizations across various industries that are committed to operational excellence. EON is most often owned by the OPEX function to better serve their clients. Organizations that are early in their OpEx journey will work with us to better manage the work of the OpEx function and introduce OpEx into the business.

Organizations that are farther along in their OpEx journey will work with us to accelerate and scale OpEx across the organization.

We work with organizations in multiple industries and at varying levels of OpEx maturity.

How do we work with EON?

At the beginning of our relationship with each client or, for clients that have worked with us for multiple years, at the beginning of the new subscription period, our Client Success Team works with the OpEx team to develop a detailed service plan based around your organization's OpEx and business-level improvement objectives.  That service plan is reviewed and updated throughout the relationship to ensure proper focus and alignment.

We've developed our own OpEx assessment model, how do we incorporate it into EON?

We actively encourage our clients to develop custom "playbooks" using their own assessments, training content, and best practices.  We can take your content in any format and transform it into a custom playbook in short order.  You can then deploy that playbook through the EON platform in no time.

How do other companies use the EON platform?

The EON platform is highly configurable and easy to use because it's hosted in the cloud and requires only a user account and a web browser.  There are a variety of ways to use the platform, such as assessing OpEx functional maturity, accessing our growing library of playbooks, developing strategic objectives, tracking KPIs, and conducting project portfolio and lifecycle management.  Our Client Success team works with you to develop the proper use case for EON as part of the process of developing the service plan.

Where is our information hosted on the EON platform? How secure are your servers?

All of your data is stored and processed securely in the cloud using  Amazon Web Services (AWS) data storage. AWS is the premier data storage and security solution trusted by organizations like the FDA, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and many others.

How is EON priced?

EON is a subscription that includes a tailored combination of (a) user accounts to the EON platform, (b) access to our large and growing library of standard playbooks, (c) dedicated virtual & onsite support, and (d) access to our client & subject matter expert network.

I still have questions. Who do I ask?

You can reach us any time from our contact page. (Don't worry, we check it daily.)