Designed with you in mind

You and your team need to be set up for success. That’s why we designed every step of our deployment process to quickly identify and mitigate all potential roadblocks.

Phase 1: Getting Started

It’s important for us to connect with you, your team, and your goals. We want you to feel comfortable with your Client Success team right from the start, so we make sure to take the time to really understand your vision. From there, we can help craft your ideal action plan.

Phase 2: Learn & Build

We learn your company’s strengths, challenges, and what brought you to EON. We’ll work with your team to define measures of success and set your expectations of EON. We’ll also provide a brief overview of EON and answer any immediate questions you may have.

We'll map out and configure your organizational structure into Excellence Hubs within EON. From there, we'll set up your initial users and help you customize your EON platform by assigning Strategies, Projects, and Standards to each Excellence Hub.

Phase 3: Train & Coach

Choose your improvement ambassadors. The first group to receive training is called the ‘Deployment Team.’ This group will receive in-depth training and will be the primary points of contact between your team and ours.

A smooth implementation starts with leadership support. We‘ll talk through the change process with you, help you map out potential risks, and put plans in place to ensure success.

Phase 4: Deploy & Expand

Time to launch your personalized EON platform across your locations. This includes user training at each location. Your tailored deployment plan ensures that each person at every location across the company understands the purpose, function, and value of EON.

Make your improvement contagious. Your employees are learning the ropes and improving the business each day. But don’t worry, we stick with you every step of the way to ensure your success, drive utilization, and help you scale. Got questions? We're always just a phone call or an email away.

Phase 5: Sustain & Celebrate

Never stop improving. We’ll continue to share our recommendations, tips, and tricks to help you become an EON expert. We’ll also help you put accountability tools in place to quickly address utilization concerns.

Look at how far you’ve come! It’s important to keep your original goals and expectations in mind so it’s clear when to celebrate success! As you progress, we’ll revisit your starting conditions and review your measures of success that you can then share with your team.