Learning the Basics

Knowledge is power.

Are you more of a self-starter? You're in the right place. These quick tips will help you hit the ground running in EON.

Got a question for us? Check out our FAQs page first. Already did that? Let us know and we'll help you out.

1. EON is in the cloud.

You can log in from anywhere, anytime. Just go to https://eon.phase5group.com/.

2. It's your personal Mission Control.

View and edit all of your work in one place – the 'My Commitments' page holds all of your action items, strategic objectives, improvement projects, and your own history.

3. Get to know your organizational structure.

EON has a built in selector for you to view improvement work at all organizational levels. Whether it’s company-wide, regional, at individual locations, or even within specific departments, EON gives you real-time insight into everything.

Test it out on the Scorecard view to see a snapshot of improvement work summarized across any level in your organization’s structure.

4. Seamlessly manage your strategic objectives.

These are the “What” that your company must improve upon. They’re defined using a Current Condition and a Target Condition. For more info, check out our CEO’s blog “What Does a Well-Designed Strategy Look Like.”

5. Easily integrate all of your improvement work.

Projects are the “How” for achieving your strategic objectives. They determine how the strategic objectives will be supported and how improvement initiatives will be met.

6. Not sure what projects to start?

EON helps by allowing you to visually plot your projects together on a graph that compares their cost, complexity, and ROI. Pro tip: Aim for low complexity, low cost, and high ROI.

7. Share your best practices.

These are your processes, fundamentals, procedures, standards, or simply “what good looks like.” The Heatmaps not only enable this information to be shared across your company, but each Excellence Hub is able to assess against the criteria, identify gaps, walk through execution steps, track action items, and upload documents or add links to show compliance.

8. Adding to EON is easy.

Look for the blue “+Add” button located throughout tool. This includes strategic objectives, projects, KPI’s, captured value, action items, files, links, and more.

9. Go mobile.

EON has an app, allowing you to update your items on the fly, view your strategies, and even take your tablet with you for on-location assessments. The app is available for download in the App Store or Google Play.

10. Need help?

The EON User Guide is always up to date and at your fingertips within the tool. You’ll also see little blue question marks throughout EON to give you extra guidance.