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How to Educate Your Workforce on OPEX

Learn how to build organizational capabilities to apply OPEX methods and tools within your organization.

Cheat Sheet: How to Establish Governance for OPEX

Learn how to ensure accountability in OPEX with proven accountability processes.

Cheat Sheet: Choosing Your OpEx Methods

Learn how to choose the right OpEx methods for your specific needs and improvement goals.

Cheat Sheet: Defining Your OpEx Metrics

What metrics matter most to your improvement strategy and vision? Use this pocket guide to get started on the right path to excellence.

Cheat Sheet: Establishing Your OpEx Vision

Learn how to set the stage for serious improvement impact with actionable execution steps and sample assessment questions.

3 Reasons Healthcare Needs a CI Management Model

Begin the steps of understanding the 'whys' and the 'why nots' for a healthcare organization considering a continuous improvement (CI) management model.

Committing to Continuous Improvement

Feel like your business needs to improve before comitting to improvement? Think again.

Why a CI Management Platform is a Must-Have

When spreadsheets and post-its simply aren't cutting it, it means you're making progress with your continuous improvement. Find out how to sustain your momentum in this guide.

How to Align Leadership with OPEX

Find out how to reinforce your business' role in OPEX by aligning leadership around the importance of operational excellence.

Cheat Sheet: How to Plan Your OPEX Resources

Find out how to align your OPEX organizational design to your OPEX Strategy, Methods, and Scope.

How One Company Saved $1.3M in Only 3 Months

MSG needed a better way to manage their continuous improvement and operations. In using EON, they saved over $1.3M in just the last quarter.

5 Minute EON Demo Video

Get a quick visual overview of EON's inner workings, guided by our Client Success Leader and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lisa Benzenhoefer.

3 Keys to Deploying CI Across Multiple Sites

Driving a CI culture is hard in any environment, but particularly in larger organizations that have multiple facilities. Fortunately there are tactics that multi site manufacturers can apply to successfully infuse CI into the cultural DNA of the organization.

3 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Strategy Fails to Deliver

Strategy deployment is a process that virtually all organizations follow but few do really well.  In our new free book, we can help you pinpoint how your enterprise strategy might actually be hindering your success.

How to Ensure ROI from Your CI Approach

Take a look at the ROI of continuous improvement as it affects your bottom line, but also in the context of broad-based cultural transformation. 

Systematizing Continuous Improvement

When committing to continuous improvement, effort must extend beyond individual projects. Maintaining improvement needs to be engrained within your business' culture and daily workflows. Learn how to systematize improvement with this eBook.

Cheat Sheet: How to Develop OPEX Practitioners

Learn how to enable both doers and facilitators to be highly leveraged assets. 

Cheat Sheet: Determining Your OPEX Scope

Find out how to optimize the reach your OPEX needs to achieve in order to accomplish your desired outcomes.

Cheat Sheet: Setting Your OpEx Budget

Learn how to allocate your budget dollars to ensure the most improvement impact.

Cheat Sheet: Setting Your OpEx Strategy

Find out how to identify key improvement opportunities to attack head-on and drive real results.

Take Your Interactive OpEx Assessment

Request access to your personal operational excellence assessment and find out where you can make the biggest impact for your business.


How to Write Successful CI Content

Find out how to write useful instructional content for your continuous improvement program.

Continuous Improvement Blog

Visit the EON blog, with insightful articles written by the professionals from P5G. With over 20 years of experience, we know you'll find something valuable!

3 Reasons to Expand Your Solution Set

Get ahead of disruptive change in consulting. Find out how expanding your solution set can help you deliver more and compete less.