Create and Manage Business Strategies

Get the whole team on board.

What are Strategies?

The Strategies feature in EON allows you to create strategic objectives across all Excellence Hubs (levels in your organizational structure).

From there, you can:

- Connect them from “parent to child”

- Categorize them

- Assign ownership to them

- Connect improvement projects to them

- Designate their health status

- Assign action items to them

You can use Strategies to interactively and adaptively manage your most critical goals and objectives.

Superior Visibility

EON helps you seamlessly organize your strategies at all levels within your organization, giving you critical visibility into your overall progress. Step aside, spreadsheets.

Align Employees with Business Strategies

Quickly communicate top-level Strategies to all levels of the organization. Users can visualize all improvement work driving toward each strategy. This view shows sub-strategies, projects, and project milestones. Greater visibility of company strategies helps companies to manage strategy execution throughout the year.

Navigate Between Your CI Strategies and Projects Quickly

Connect strategies to related projects, such as action items and measurements. Then access the projects directly from your strategies interface with the project link. No more hunting around for files!

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Keep your Strategies on track with sophisticated project management!


The Playbooks feature in the EON platform makes is easy to assess operational maturity and connect to relevant implementation tools and resources.  Our large and growting playbook library can be found here.


Catch strategic 'misses' sooner in order to limit negative impacts.

The Scorecard provides “At a Glance” insight into what needs attention.

Need better results from your strategy deployment?

Explore our latest guide, designed to help you pinpoint details of your enterprise strategy that might be hindering your success.