We'll keep an eye on the score, you keep an eye on the prize.

What's the Scorecard?

EON's Scorecard feature provides a summary view of the status of your Strategies, Projects, Heatmaps, and action items at all levels in your organization.

The Scorecard also provides a 'roll-up' of the estimated and actual value captured from your improvement projects tracked in EON.

'Mission Control' for your improvement

Your EON Scorecard gives you a daily health-status of your collective improvement efforts.

Consider this the launch-point for all management conversations. Your Scorecard lets you check up on the progress of the initiatives most critical to your improvement agenda.

From here, you can quickly and easily drill-down into the initiatives that require the most immediate attention


Shorter meetings, bigger impact

Your status meetings will never be the same. EON's Scorecard helps you focus on what really matters in real time, and run more efficient meetings.

Instead of reviewing all projects in all departments, focus your discussion and most valuable resources where they’re needed most.

Get more from what you already have

Spend less time identifying the problem and more time fixing it. You can use your Scorecard's targeted view at any level in your organization.

By targeting your outliers, you'll be able to achieve organization-wide excellence faster than ever before. 

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Discover a better way to deploy strategy.

EON makes that possible by allowing you to define strategies at all levels and across all functions.


Get more disciplined at project execution. 
Capture, prioritize, and manage improvement projects large and small with the Projects feature in EON.


Take a deeper dive into organizational maturity from the Scorecard by analyzing the Playbooks.

Want to learn how to ensure ROI from your improvement?

Get the results you need to sustain approvement. In this ebook, we take a look at the ROI of CI within the context of larger cultural transformation.