Bridging the gap to perfect, one project at a time.

What are Projects?

The Projects feature in EON supports project portfolio and lifecycle management. 

Users can create projects at every level (Excellence Hub), align projects to a strategic objectives, assign project ownership, create a project team, evaluate projects against standard criteria, designate a project’s health status, track project stages, create a project plan, compare multiple projects, and more, all in one place.

Stay organized

Our tool standardizes your project management process into a consolidated view of your entire project portfolio so you can easily:  
  • Prioritize your work 
  • Better leverage scarce resources 
  • Improve accountability


Understand impact

Unlike standard project management software, in EON, Projects link directly to your high-level Strategies for critical visibility into the impact of project work on the goals of the entire organization.

This allows you to identify and address issues in real time before they negatively impact results. 

Monitor in real time

Regardless of where a project originates, you’ll always have a finger on the pulse of your improvement work.

This helps you drive management and accountability at the right levels, and proactively address issues at their source.

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Prioritize you projects with context.

Picking opportunities by consulting your Strategies to drive better outcomes.


When projects become repeatable processes, build a Heatmap.

Gain speed and scale by documenting best practice and then deploying it via Heatmaps.


Identify which projects need support and surge your specialist resources appropriately.

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