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What are Heatmaps?

EON's Heatmap feature allows you to define and deploy standard business processes at any Excellence Hub (level in your organization), assess maturity against those standards, and generate a work plan to improve process maturity.

You can also use Heatmaps to implement industry-standard continuous improvement methods and tools (e.g., 5S, visual management, leader standard work, etc.), in support of compliance requirements (e.g., ISO, SQF, Responsible Care, etc.), or to implement functional best practices through a Centers of Excellence model.

Define your goals

What's your idea of excellence? Defining this from the onset paves the way for company-wide standardization and improvement according to a unified objective.

Don’t have this defined yet? Don’t worry, we’ll help you.

Deploy quickly and easily

EON's Heatmaps enable you to communicate your standards of excellence to every location faster than ever before.

From there, each location can answer critical assessment questions and manage action plans, ensuring improvement against those standards - all within a single program. 

Replicate and refine

After deployment, you’ll be able to pinpoint your most effective improvement initiatives and replicate them across all locations, sharing your most up-to-date best practices in real time.

From there, if you want to further refine a standard, your framework is already in place, allowing you to adapt and scale seamlessly. 

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Update your Strategies to include opportunities identified through your Heatmap assessment.


Having shifted ownership of your foundational projects to the organization, now free up your specialists to manage the complex work.


Analyze performance so you can make better decisions. 

Get a better understanding of your performance and progress toward closing your operational "gap to perfect."

Need better results from your strategy deployment?

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