Getting Started with EON Software

Move your continuous improvement program to EON and get up & running in only 4 weeks.

Receive Dedicated, One-on-One Support from the Start

When you join the ranks as an EON client, you'll be matched with a dedicated Client Success Manager. They'll work with you to one-on-one to define specific objectives for the use of EON within your organization.

Platform & User Setup

Your Client Success Team will work with you to configure your organizational structure and create user accounts. 

From there, plans are developed to migrate any existing strategies and projects you have, and build the first version of your Heatmap.

Configuration Approval

Once EON is configured and your data is migrated, your Client Success Manager will review the site with you. 

Any modifications or additional configuration will be completed (if required) until you and your team approve.

Deploy & Train Users

Using the service plan as a guide, the Client Success Team will help to initiate the adoption of EON within your organization.

Activities may include messaging to your user base, scheduling and performing user training, and coaching users on how to best utilize EON.

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