[Upcoming Webinar] How To Run Effective Meetings With EON

By Brian Wilkins - August 17, 2017

Copy of Why Your App’s Design Is Crucial To Its Success (1).pngWe're excited to announce our upcoming webinar, "How to Run Effective Meetings with EON." We'll discuss the different ways that EON users can make planning and managing three common types of meetings easier, more insightful and actionable by using EON. 

How to Run Effective Meetings with EON

When: Thursday, August 31st 

Time: 2pm-3pm EST

Register: Click here to register now

Streamline Meetings Through More Efficient Processes

EON's platform enables managers to achieve success in their continuous improvement (CI) programs, including the areas that are too commonly time wasters—in this case, ineffective meetings.

How much time do you spend in meetings that feel endless? Your time is valuable, so how do you keep meetings short but still accomplish everything you need to get done? 

In our webinar, we'll take on the three types of meetings that are conducted most frequently in a typical business setting. We'll discuss the ways that EON can improve your processes while preserving the exchange of information and ideas. 

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The 1:1 Meeting

You've probably experienced a 1:1 meeting with an employee that you intended to be a quick check-in, but quickly spiraled past the time you had allotted it in your schedule. Over the course of the webinar, we'll discuss some of the actions that can be taken to keep these meetings short but productive.

The Team Meeting

You know it's important to meet as a team to keep everybody on the same page. It allows you to share work, condense projects, and collaborate to improve processes across the organization. However, team meetings can quickly devolve into informal chat sessions, stray away from the intended agenda, or lead into an opinion war––all of which does nothing to contribute to your company's productivity. Learn how to plan ahead and moderate the meeting in a way that will enable teams to see their work and its impact on the company's overall direction. 

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The Leadership Review

A leadership review asks the employee(s) one question: "What's the status of our organization's improvement implementation?" With EON, the employee will be able to quickly pull the relevant data to answer this question quickly and effectively––enabling everyone to get back to work with the most up-to-date information as well as continue making progress on your CI program.

Wondering how EON can improve your meetings? We'll get into the details during our webinar, How to Run Efficient Meetings with EON. This free webinar hosted by EON will be held on Thursday, August 31, at 2pm EST. Click here to register for the webinar now. 

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