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5 Signs You Should Change Your Operational Excellence Strategy

It’s best to establish a long-term strategy and stick with it rather than make frequent changes. After all, a strategy...

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard about Operational Excellence

I cringe to write bad advice in case someone misreads the headline and follows these suggestions. Oh well, here are...

How to Run a Meaningful Employee Feedback Process

A critical component of operational excellence (OpEx) is gathering employee feedback. This feedback provides unique...

Four Practical DMAIC Examples from Which to Learn

As you begin a path to operational excellence, you’ll likely see the expression DMAIC. That’s simply an acronym that means:

Operational Excellence Methods: Yes, You Do Need To Make A Choice

If you’re a hands-on operational excellence practitioner or aspiring to become one, choosing your tactics for improvement...

Creating an OpEx Budget that Delivers ROI

Your operational excellence team does not make widgets, so how do you create a budget? You can’t project X number of widgets...

OpEx 101: Standard Work Needs to Start at the Top

Standard work involves organizing all tasks in the best known method and sequence, using the best combination of people,...

OpEx 101: What's All the Fuss About with 5S?

Let's start with this ...Upon implementing 5S, we MUST aspire to achieve a fundamental concept of Lean; reduce and eliminate...

How to Pick the Right Metrics for Your Organization

The acronym SMART has been around for decades, helping people to move from pie-in-the-sky goals to practical objectives that...


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