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3 Benefits Of An Operational Excellence Platform

Using the right operational excellence solution will make a dramatic difference in the way you do business. From the moment...

OpEx Leadership Alignment

One of the most common causes of operational excellence efforts sliding off track is leadership misalignment. This might be...

Reward and Recognition Drive Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence

Having a motivated workforce is one of the key requirements for an organization’s success, for both operational excellence...

Stakeholder Management Operational Excellence Toolkit

“Hey, we’re starting the Operational Excellence initiative, and you’ve been identified as a stakeholder!”

Operational Excellence Resourcing Plan Toolkit

“We are getting ready to deploy our Operational Excellence initiative…but struggling to define the resources needed for...

Leadership Scope Development

In operational excellence, and in life, setting a goal without fully understanding its scope can turn a project into a...

How to Pick the Right Metrics for Your Organization

The acronym SMART has been around for decades, helping people to move from pie-in-the-sky goals to practical objectives that...

See Your Future, Set Your OpEx Vision, Follow Your Path

A vision statement sets the stage for operations and aspirations by defining a long-term goal of what an organization wants...

Improving the Gemba Walk: Dos & Don'ts for Managers and Employees

The concept of a Gemba walk comes from TPS, the Toyota Production System. Simplistically, the Japanese word Gemba refers to...

Do OpEx Leaders Practice What They Preach?

Early data says “not really,” and that’s a problem.

My father, now retired, put food on the table for most of my childhood...


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