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Seamless Hospital Visitor Management Helps Patients Without Interfering With Care

Imagine trying to do a critical, life-in-the-balance job under extreme time pressure while hundreds of random strangers...

Patient Communications Is An Essential Part Of Patient Care

Doctor and patient communication has been ubiquitous in the American zeitgeist over many decades in the form of the...

Medication Errors And Adverse Drug Events Can And Must Be Prevented

“All we want to do is help our patients, but what they don’t teach us in medical school is that there are so many ways to do...

Medication Management: A Daily Priority In Providing Excellent Patient Care

The opioid crisis in America has heightened public awareness of the grave potential for health problems related to improper...

Supply Storage Room Standardization: A Place For Every Thing And Everything In Its Place

If you want your hospital to operate effectively, standardization is one of the most important tools at your disposal. In...

Manage Inventory As Thoughtfully As You Do Patients

Inventory management seems like a simple concept. Any organization wants to have “what you want where you want it when you...

Maintaining Equipment Is Necessary for Fine-tuned Operations in Healthcare Facilities

 “For want of a nail…a kingdom was lost.” That proverb could certainly apply in the healthcare field: “For want of a working...

Do You Know Where Your Equipment Is? Manage Distributed Inventory in Healthcare Facilities

While managing inventory of patients is a key requirement of healthcare facilities, managing distributed equipment...

Make Patient Safety and Quality Monitoring as Important as They Deserve

Patient safety and quality are the most critically important elements of patient care. Safety and quality cannot just be...


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