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Do You Know Where Your Equipment Is? Manage Distributed Inventory in Healthcare Facilities

While managing inventory of patients is a key requirement of healthcare facilities, managing distributed equipment...

Ensuring ROI from CI Part 2: Validating The Business Case

Welcome to part two of the four part series from Roger Price's presentation on the ROI of continuous improvement. In this...

Make Patient Safety and Quality Monitoring as Important as They Deserve

Patient safety and quality are the most critically important elements of patient care. Safety and quality cannot just be...

Ensuring ROI from CI Part 1: Making The Business Case

EON's CEO, Roger Price, gave a presentation on the ROI of Continuous Improvement. The presentation covers the four aspects...

Optimize Referring Provider Communications to Help Improve Patient Care

Without referring providers, many healthcare facilities would find themselves with numerous empty beds and idle medical...

How to Jump Start Your Operational Excellence Today

A common challenge for many organizations is to develop an operational excellence deployment model that is sufficiently...

Turn Your Health Care “Failures to Communicate” into Cool Successes

Do you remember the scene in Cool Hand Luke, where a “failure to communicate” brings pain and suffering to Paul Newman? It’s...

Key Metrics to Measure the Health of Your Production System

In a previous blog post titled Production Systems 101, I described three key characteristics that could effectively serve as...

Can You Stay Agile as Your Company Evolves? 3 Tips for Scaling Up

Terms like organizational agility and business agility are all the rage nowadays.  Companies need the ability to rapidly...


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