Our New Partnership: Delivering Lean Solutions to the Public Sector

By Torie Sullivan - July 13, 2016

EON_and_Triad_Tech_Partners.jpgAfter collaborating with businesses in the healthcare and manufacturing spaces for some time, we’re thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with Triad Technology Partners (Triad), a leading provider of enterprise excellence software and services.

We're very excited to begin aiding public sector organizations in their lean government and continuous quality improvement initiatives.

Improvement should be evolutionary, not revolutionary.

We're passionate about improvement, so we're making an effort to expand access to our unique solution set to new industries. Contrary to popular belief, improvement doesn't need to be revolutionary, quite the contrary. It needs to be evolutionaryYour improvement efforts should grow and scale along with your available resources and priorities. 

Given the inherent complexities involved in implementing Lean within many government agencies and departments, having a platform solution to manage the effort, track the value, and sustain the results is crucial. So far, we've had tremendous success simplifying improvement for the private sector by providing sophisticated improvement management solutions.

Today, we've taken the first step toward supporting operational excellence within the public sector. The principles of Lean Government are being rapidly adopted at the federal, state, and local levels, and we've quickly realized their need for advanced management capabilities.

Colter_Carambio_of_Triad_Technology_Partners.jpgHere's what Triad's Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships, Colter Carambio, had to say about our partnership:

“Adding EON® to Triad's portfolio of innovative technologies offers a new way to transform the way public sector organizations do business.”

To get the full story, check out our full press release here.


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