Ensuring ROI from CI Part 1: Making The Business Case

By Brian Wilkins - January 16, 2018

Ensuring ROI from CI Part 1.png

EON's CEO, Roger Price, gave a presentation on the ROI of Continuous Improvement. The presentation covers the four aspects of ensuring your return on investment from your continuous improvement approach: making the business case, validating the business case, managing your investment, and claiming the value. 

To best provide you with each step of this process, we broke it down for you.

This first video covers the first quarter of his speech and discusses the importance of showing clear ROI across all CI efforts, as well as how to structure CI across multiple plants. 


Check back next week for the second video in this four part series. For more information on this topic, download our ebook below, How to Ensure ROI from Your Continuous Improvement Approach, or contact us for more in depth insight

how to ensure roi from your continuous improvement approach ebook


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