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From Methods to Management: Our Perspective on the Future of OPEX

Our team recently participated in the OpEx Week Business Transformation Summit held in Orlando, Florida.  The event provided...

Do OpEx Leaders Practice What They Preach?

Early data says “not really,” and that’s a problem.

My father, now retired, put food on the table for most of my childhood...

How to Prepare Your Organization for Operational Excellence

These days, organizations are more focused than ever before on operational excellence (OpEx); creating the various systems...

The Truth About Accountability: How to Get More Engagement with OpEx

A common challenge that OpEx Leaders and Practitioners face in their efforts to generate traction is how to drive workforce...

ROI Paralysis: How Your Results-Focus is Holding You Back

We at P5G are privileged to have countless interactions with enterprise executives every year, focused on their successes...

The Power of Skills Compatibility: Lessons from Olympic Basketball

As many of you know, the U.S. Men's Olympic Basketball Team won the gold medal at the just-completed Rio Olympic Games....

Perfecting the Shift Change: Lessons from Olympic Track & Field

The United States men's and women's track and field teams are generally considered to be among the best in the world.  Some...

The True Value of Standard Work: Lessons from Olympic Swimmers

As I'm sure you know, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are off to a great start.  I know I'm not the only one who gets excited...

Changing the Compliance Mindset: How to Inspire Proactive Improvement

If you’re leading a retail or franchise business, then you know all too well that ensuring all of your various operating...


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