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Optimize Referring Provider Communications to Help Improve Patient Care

Without referring providers, many healthcare facilities would find themselves with numerous empty beds and idle medical...

Turn Your Health Care “Failures to Communicate” into Cool Successes

Do you remember the scene in Cool Hand Luke, where a “failure to communicate” brings pain and suffering to Paul Newman? It’s...

Staff Retention and Satisfaction – Powerful Influence on a Hospital’s Success

In healthcare, as in any organization, one of the major keys to success is the ability to retain qualified staff. Not only...

Operating Room Turnover…the Next Amazing Pit Stop Achievement?

What is the pacemaker in a healthcare facility? Not a medical pacemaker device, but instead the process step that determines...

Effective Patient Transport Can Move the Needle on Patient Satisfaction

While medical expertise, bedside manner and efficiencies of care might top the list of things that patients say are...

Manage Patient Experience…and Patient Perception

At the core of a patient’s visit to a health facility is the “patient experience,” an all-inclusive consideration of...

Creating an OpEx Budget that Delivers ROI

Your operational excellence team does not make widgets, so how do you create a budget? You can’t project X number of widgets...

Patient Discharge is Much More than Saying “You Can Go Home Now”

If you’ve ever been a patient in a healthcare facility, you’ve experienced the patient discharge process. When you know—even...

Use Operational Excellence Solutions to Improve Emergency Department Throughput

The typical emergency department (ED) is a case study in dealing with catastrophe and chaos…at least on television. Even in...


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