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The Seven Guiding Principles of Continuous Improvement

If you’re not familiar with continuous improvement (CI), it may sound like a soft goal — something nice to do, but not very...

Why Cross-Functional Collaboration is Essential to OpEx

Do you know the story of the three blind men and an elephant? One man touches the trunk and imagines a snake. Another...

How to Run a Meaningful Employee Feedback Process

A critical component of operational excellence (OpEx) is gathering employee feedback. This feedback provides unique...

Four Practical DMAIC Examples from Which to Learn

As you begin a path to operational excellence, you’ll likely see the expression DMAIC. That’s simply an acronym that means:

The "Do’s and Don'ts" of the Hoshin Kanri Catchball Process

Hoshin Kanri is a collaborative approach to driving toward long-term strategic goals in concert with completing the...

10 Tips for Building a Great Process Map

Process maps have tremendous value. Remember the adage: A picture is worth a thousand words. A process map is a valuable...

What to Look for In a Continuous Improvement Model

The first thing to realize when looking for a continuous improvement model is that it is not just a collection of tools or a...

How to Make Your Continuous Improvement Program Sustainable

Do you remember Aesop’s story of the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise plods along slowly and steadily while the hare has...

3 Signs Your Continuous Improvement Model Is at Risk…and What to Do About It

Just like anything shiny and new, implementing continuous improvement has a mystique and attraction when it first hits prime...

Operational Excellence Methods: Yes, You Do Need To Make A Choice

If you’re a hands-on operational excellence practitioner or aspiring to become one, choosing your tactics for improvement...


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