Meet the Team and Learn Our Story

EON's Fearless Leaders

Roger Price

Founder & CEO

Roger brings extensive experience in a variety of professional services leadership roles, including executive research & education, customer relationship management, management consulting, and software & content development. Roger has worked with clients such as DuPont, NOVA Chemicals, TPC Group, Land O’Lakes, and AB Mauri North America. Roger was elevated to CEO in May of 2014 after more than 6 years with the company.

Brian Wilkins

VP of Sales & Marketing

Brian brings over 15 years of sales and account management experience serving C-suite executives at Fortune 1000 organizations. With this experience, Brian manages EON’s marketing and sales functions in order to engage the market and identify the value that EON can bring to companies.

Lisa Benzenhoefer

Client Success Leader

Lisa has been working with Phase 5 Group since 2012 and became our Client Success Leader for EON in 2015. She's responsible for ensuring that all EON clients extract maximum value from their relationship with us, and acts as a thought partner for business leaders that require support in driving better impact and sustainability. In addition to her tremendous practical experience, Lisa is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Practitioner.

David Hostetler

Director of Engineering

David has been creating software for more than 18 years in a diverse set of industries including 3D graphics, defense intelligence, and enterprise network services. He guides EON through the always changing world of web technologies and ensures that it keeps pace with the evolving needs of our clients.

Our Origins

EON began in 2005 as a more traditional management consultancy called Phase 5 Group (P5G), and our mission was to help large, multi-site companies deploy sustainable operational excellence programs (OpEx). That’s consulting speak for “we helped companies improve.”  We were privileged to partner with some of the world’s premier companies, helping them make their OpEx programs more impactful and learning a lot along the way.

Our ‘Aha!’ Moment

What became abundantly clear to us during that time was that, while many organizations have very capable OpEx teams with the knowledge to implement OpEx methods and tools, what they lack is a solution to help them create internal buy-in, improve OpEx team productivity, and better manage their work.  Put another way, OpEx leaders and teams need a solution that makes their teams better at their jobs so they can generate more impactful, sustainable results from the work they’re already doing.

We knew there had to be a better way—so we set out to create it.

"Nacho" Average Solution

In April of 2013, we began building the solution now known as EON. What you probably don’t know is that in the early development days we called it “Project Nacho” …because everyone loves nachos, and we wanted to develop a solution that everybody loves as well. We were officially on our way to creating the first ever comprehensive operational excellence solution with a unique combination of software, content and services specifically designed to for OpEx leaders and teams.

The Big Picture

Although our business has evolved notably over the years, our roots are what give us the upper hand in helping our clients improve. We believe in a holistic and, above all, sustainable approach to business improvement. That’s why when our clients rely on EON.

Simply put, we believe that our awesome combination of platform, content, and services specifically designed to make Opex teams more capable & productive while accelerating the adoption of OpEx is truly unbeatable. Our clients feel the same way.